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Saturday, 10 March 2018



My blog reader  i am husnain from pakistan sharing facebook and other social media  related products for free today i want to share a script  

Heading : facebook  mention  + sticker and with love reaction script 

live demo:

demo Picture index : 

demo Comment:


                                  1. Download  and upload script in cpanel 
                                 2. setup cronjob  as

use my cronjob site

download script :CLICK ME

any problem contact me i am available 24 hours

here is my fb id   CLICK HERE FOR HELP


Sunday, 3 December 2017


Hello, since facebook fix some token, want to get token very difficult: v, today I will share with you the code gettoken full checkpoint not set 
This code is by Business - DoanhDz.Com share. 
You can see the article " Share Code Get Token Facebook Full 74 Right" 
You can see the demo on the photo. 
Simply put up the code to host and use. Wish you success.

{Hot} (updated) facebook cookie reaction bot script 2018

First of all I would like to say: 
Sincerely thank you Vu Duy Luc - Kunkey - KunKey.Com has written and shared this great code. 

The code is based on the style of, which has been modified from the bug bot code to the sub buff code.

/ ** 
Scattered through the code: 
- This code works in the penny mode of each user. 
- Each user who logs into the site will receive a certain amount of Xu and Sub limit set by admin. 
- Each time a user buffs sub, the number of Xu received will be deducted by the admin set. 
- After using Xu in the account, it is required User must load more Xu to use next. 
** /
+ Interface: 

- The code uses a dark brown interface, friendly to the eyes of the user. 
- Column and row layout, easy to understand. 
- With your big Css library, Boostrap will make you happy. 
- Reponse to mobile, tablet, pc, etc. 
- The code is mostly using AJAX + Jquery technology that makes sending and receiving data from the server easy and fast, while with Ajax you will almost certainly not need to reload the page.

+ About Functions 
- The code has many new and useful functions that will help management and auto, buff sub becomes easier. 
- Panel Admin: If you are an admin, this panel will help you manage the site most easily include the following actions: Edit the user's sub-limit, Edit User, Edit Vip Sub, etc. 
- System minus Xu: Automatically deduct Xu when User buff sub. 
- Recharge system: Integrated coinage for users to use all the coins in the account, using Napngay card bricks server. Com. 
- CaptCha: Captcha code images will help them code to prevent problems users use Curl technique to auto, buff. 
- System Import User: Import a large amount of User to Databases 
- And many other functions. 
HDSD: you upload the code -> up to host -> incfiles / config.php edit the database configuration is appropriate. 
Code has a spawn brother self that was deleted: v

Share Code Curl like Online with Cookie 2018

    Use for many people. 
    Use cookies instead of Accounts, avoid checkpoints almost 100% 
    People are automatically installed 
    . Quick and easy installation. 
    Lightweight code 9kb
    Code must use ID Status instead of User ID 
    Like Like ~ 1000 Like 
    More users Number of like increase slowly 
    No Vip Like
User manual
    You edit the database and domain information at the file  Config.php
    You run Cron files in the Cron folder   - to 2p / times
Note  : Deprecated
Ports appear  : mysql_connect (): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in future: use mysqli or PDO thay vĂ o trong ....  For PHP versions <5.6 
Fix : 
You create a file named  php.ini  equal to the index and paste this and save it! 
error_reporting (E_ALL ^ ​​E_DEPRECATED); HDSD : 
► You download the code (link code will be below) 
► You up and extract file 
► Go to config.php edit the appropriate parameter is ok ☻ 

  • DEMO

    Friday, 24 November 2017

    how to make your own personal facebook botsite 2018

    Hello friends! Star Nam IT has Share some curl like 2017 code . But because you abuse the code so much code most of my share has been fixed! Today I will share with you a set of new curl like code. This is the code of Cuong Phieu and was collected on the forum Vina4u. Yesterday I tested and found the code is pretty well. After 20 hours up the Stt turns up to 5.7K like. Please see the demo below for excitement offline: 


    - Ok no more it now I will share code and instructions for you to install curl like always hot D 

    - First you need to download curl like code here. 

    - Next is the preparation step. 

    + You prepare a Facebook nick to get token Iphone 

    + You have to prepare yourself a Host VPS. If the host code Free up will collapse host. If you do not have a VPS host, please refer to our latest VPS host creation guide article at the latest Openshift . 

    - After preparing the host and code, you follow the instructions to run the code as follows:

    1. Up the VPS Host has been prepared and open File Curllike.php 

    - You fix as follows:
    $ uid = ' 100012695018546 '; 
    You edited '' 100012695018546 '' into your Facebook ID 
    $ list_token = array (' Replace Token Here '); 
    You change the " Token Here To " to the Iphone nick to add to the login to the web running curl like 
    * Note:  Nick of you have to set up followers and public posts like the new nick to increase like is Token of the secondary nick must be the Iphone Full token. 
    If you do not know get token Iphone Full rights can be here to get

    => After the song you saved. 

    2.  For curl to run you have to cron file curl. Currently there are many ways to cron 1 file but in this article Star Nam IT will guide you to cron 1 File at
    - You follow these steps:
    1.  Register account  (as easy as Facebook registration)
    2. Log in and select  Cronjobs  (as shown below).

    3. Select  Create cronjob  (as shown below).

    4. It will output a page like this :

    1. Title  (Cron Title): This is what you name it (as shown below) 
    2. http: //  (link to file need cron) (as shown below) 
    cron command is like:  sperm / curlike.php (applies to both hosting Cpanel 11 and DirectAdmin) 
    VD: Your host has the domain name is  then I let as follows: If your host has a domain name, leave it before  /Curllike.php

    - Okay! Next to the Schedule  line  (as shown below)

     Every - this is the time to curl to run. And default is  15 minutes run once  you fix it down to  5 minutes run once  (as shown below) 
    Finally,  create cronjob -   when you click on it  cron job  will  test in 5 - 20 minutes . If the code is not fixed  and still works then  cron job will run  and automatically  5 minutes it will run like for you