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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Share Code Script 2018 Full Version

Hi Friends  How Are You i hope you are fine :

Today i want to share script  full version 2018

Here is the demo :



 There is  a lot of features  

Auto Follow

bot comment 

bot like 

auto friend request accept  and etc

Setup :

upload the script in cpanel
connect database  in config file
delete index.php file 
setup cron in  cfeed feedlike feedike2  files


use my cron job site :

Download Script : Click Here

Share Code Facebook Mention Bot Script 2018

Hi Friends :

facebook mention bot script 

See Demo Here :Click Here
See Demo Pictures :

Features :

                       beautiful interface

                        no comment  block 

                        token does not Expire

use my cron job site :

Download Script : Click Here

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Share Code Curl like Online with Cookie 2018

    Use for many people. 
    Use cookies instead of Accounts, avoid checkpoints almost 100% 
    People are automatically installed 
    . Quick and easy installation. 
    Lightweight code 9kb
    Code must use ID Status instead of User ID 
    Like Like ~ 1000 Like 
    More users Number of like increase slowly 
    No Vip Like
User manual
    You edit the database and domain information at the file  Config.php
    You run Cron files in the Cron folder   - to 2p / times
Note  : Deprecated
Ports appear  : mysql_connect (): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in future: use mysqli or PDO thay vĂ o trong ....  For PHP versions <5.6 
Fix : 
You create a file named  php.ini  equal to the index and paste this and save it! 
error_reporting (E_ALL ^ ​​E_DEPRECATED); HDSD : 
► You download the code (link code will be below) 
► You up and extract file 
► Go to config.php edit the appropriate parameter is ok ☻ 

  • DEMO

    Friday, 24 November 2017

    Share Code Bot Like seo 2017 standard

    Hello, this code was previously shared on my blog, Share Code BotLike Lightweight Full Full Function Most Today. Today I will share you code sets that are more functional and more delicious: D

    Introduction to source code

    • The mod has added cookies, simsimi inbox and cookies. Optimize your code, add your current online visitors, log in to your website, and more.
    • The remaining functions remain the same.

    User manual

    1. Config at _cnF / _star_cn_F.php
    2. Run the file /_cnF/_star_install.php to install the data

    Dowload source code

    Share Code BOTFB.ORG Beautiful Interface facebook bot script 2018

     Like Auto + Auto + Cmt + Auto Share
    📢 Today I'll Share For You AutoBot Like The Level Of   Emotions  Auto Emotions🍀 đŸ’–
    💑 Hacker Tracking
    🎎 Auto Friends
    📝 Auto Comment
    📨 Auto Share
    🐶 Emotional Bot 
    - And Other Monopoly Names  đŸ˜đŸ˜
    User manual
    Config in _cnF / _star_cn_F.php 
    Run file to install data /_cnF/_star_install.php 
    wish everyone success

    Wednesday, 22 November 2017

    Share Code Web Bot Panel Vip Facebook Use of Cookies script 2017

    Image Review Index Code:
    You can also visit this page  Bot.Kunkey.Net  to see.
    Features  :
      1: Bot like 
      2: Bot Cmt 
      3: Bot Post No Content 
      4: Bot Simsimi Cmt Status 
      5: Tool Get Token With Cookie 
      6: Tool Get Facebook ID
    I just folded the package so far, but I promise someday I will share a set of fb bot code using the full feature cookie: 3.Please remember to support your blog, share your blog for many people offline.
    Installation Guide Code:
    - Find the file /config.php to configure offline 
    -  Cron files in / cron directory
    Good luck 


    Share Code Facebook Bot Script Like & Ex Like Auto-Bot.Xyz

    Demo Photo:
    Features : -
    As the title is bot like and ex like 
    - In addition to many other functions. 
    Guiding Guide -
    Configure at /config.php - 
    Run all cron files in / cron