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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Share Code Script 2018 Full Version

Hi Friends  How Are You i hope you are fine :

Today i want to share script  full version 2018

Here is the demo :



 There is  a lot of features  

Auto Follow

bot comment 

bot like 

auto friend request accept  and etc

Setup :

upload the script in cpanel
connect database  in config file
delete index.php file 
setup cron in  cfeed feedlike feedike2  files


use my cron job site :

Download Script : Click Here

Share Code Facebook Mention Bot Script 2018

Hi Friends :

facebook mention bot script 

See Demo Here :Click Here
See Demo Pictures :

Features :

                       beautiful interface

                        no comment  block 

                        token does not Expire

use my cron job site :

Download Script : Click Here

(new} (Hot) Cookie Reaction Bot Script with cookie tool Latest 2018 Final Edition

Hi Friends I am Muhammad Husnain  From Pakistan I hope Your Feeling good
Today I want to Share Cookie Reactions Bot Scripts Final Edition With Token To Cookie Converter
Tool  :
See Demo Click Here
here are Demo Pictures :

  Cookie Tool:

 User Activity With Pictures:

This Cookie Script Is  Final edition
 also Please My Cron job Site For Your Botsites 
free Cron job site  :  Click Here

                            Download Script : Click Here

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Share Code Full Function Admin Panel multi bot scripts latests 2018


User manual :
  1. config data in  config.php
  2. AdminCP / install.php is to create the data
  3. Cron At Cron_Admin
Source Share: khoidz (bkk0711)
I wish you success with the blog - Who wants to Share Code for everyone to use inbox Facebook Facebook
Link Dowload : Download

Friday, 24 November 2017

how to make your own personal facebook botsite 2018

Hello friends! Star Nam IT has Share some curl like 2017 code . But because you abuse the code so much code most of my share has been fixed! Today I will share with you a set of new curl like code. This is the code of Cuong Phieu and was collected on the forum Vina4u. Yesterday I tested and found the code is pretty well. After 20 hours up the Stt turns up to 5.7K like. Please see the demo below for excitement offline: 


- Ok no more it now I will share code and instructions for you to install curl like always hot D 

- First you need to download curl like code here. 

- Next is the preparation step. 

+ You prepare a Facebook nick to get token Iphone 

+ You have to prepare yourself a Host VPS. If the host code Free up will collapse host. If you do not have a VPS host, please refer to our latest VPS host creation guide article at the latest Openshift . 

- After preparing the host and code, you follow the instructions to run the code as follows:

1. Up the VPS Host has been prepared and open File Curllike.php 

- You fix as follows:
$ uid = ' 100012695018546 '; 
You edited '' 100012695018546 '' into your Facebook ID 
$ list_token = array (' Replace Token Here '); 
You change the " Token Here To " to the Iphone nick to add to the login to the web running curl like 
* Note:  Nick of you have to set up followers and public posts like the new nick to increase like is Token of the secondary nick must be the Iphone Full token. 
If you do not know get token Iphone Full rights can be here to get

=> After the song you saved. 

2.  For curl to run you have to cron file curl. Currently there are many ways to cron 1 file but in this article Star Nam IT will guide you to cron 1 File at
- You follow these steps:
1.  Register account  (as easy as Facebook registration)
2. Log in and select  Cronjobs  (as shown below).

3. Select  Create cronjob  (as shown below).

4. It will output a page like this :

1. Title  (Cron Title): This is what you name it (as shown below) 
2. http: //  (link to file need cron) (as shown below) 
cron command is like:  sperm / curlike.php (applies to both hosting Cpanel 11 and DirectAdmin) 
VD: Your host has the domain name is  then I let as follows: If your host has a domain name, leave it before  /Curllike.php

- Okay! Next to the Schedule  line  (as shown below)

 Every - this is the time to curl to run. And default is  15 minutes run once  you fix it down to  5 minutes run once  (as shown below) 
Finally,  create cronjob -   when you click on it  cron job  will  test in 5 - 20 minutes . If the code is not fixed  and still works then  cron job will run  and automatically  5 minutes it will run like for you