ROOT Android Guide – ROOT phone without computer

Welcome, today Blogdongnai please send to you tutorials how to ROOT phone operating system Android , help you can master full rights with your phone.

Root Android is needed?

As you know, a phone when purchased, you can only use the features that the manufacturer allows you to use, but can not interfere too much on the features of the computer. there. There are a lot of software installed directly into the phone manufacturer and you can not delete it, and a lot of other things that I can not mention in this article.

Today, with the change of technology, Android ROOT is no longer necessary as before, but there are also a few you need to ROOT this machine for their own work.

I get a lot of inbox for Android ROOT tutorial phone for hacking like, this is a pretty good tips that I have shared earlier on the topic: Hack Like Zalo used to sell.

To say that the current ROOT machine is really not needed anymore, but to serve your work this is absolutely necessary, please refer to some instructions ROOT just below!

Direct ROOT tutorial on the phone

The Android root does not need a computer with KingRoot

Here are the steps to perform the Android root you just do right and enough steps below is the ROOT your machine has completed.

Step 1  : Download the latest KingRoot app for your Android device here: Download  KingRoot

Step 2  : After download complete this application, please  click download download  as shown below to proceed to install KingRoot for Android.

Install Kingroot software
Install Kingroot software

At this time on your Android screen will appear notification blocked applications unknown origin, press  the Setting item  .

Step 3  : Next, you search and  activate the Unknown Source  as shown below to root android without a computer.

Accept install android phone software
Accept software installation

India  choose confirm OK  .

Step 4  : As soon as you have activated this feature successfully, the system will return to the KingRoot application installation interface.

Kingroot application
Kingroot application

You press the select times  turn select Install  to install this app and  selecting Open  after the installation is complete.

Step 5  : Here to be able to Android Root without KingRoot computer, you will click  Try it  from this application interface.

root may android bang kingroot

The application system will test and evaluate your equipment. This process will take place in a few minutes.

Step 6  : This process is complete, in order to root Android with KingRoot, press  OPTIMIZE  , the application system will start the process of loading and running Android Root without computer.

When the screen has completed this process and display the message 100 as shown above,  click Continue to confirm  , as well as restart the machine complete the Root Android.


So you have completed the steps ROOT Android do not need computer on your phone. This is just one of many ways, but most effective and convenient should I share to your reference.

Hope that these sharing will be useful to you. Besides the knowledge related to the field of the phone, you can refer to the section: Phone Blogdongnai , there is a lot of knowledge or know where you are needed.

Good luck.

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