Hot fix on iPhone X, Xr / Xs / Xs Max

iPhone X, Xr / Xs / Xs Max is the mobile is sold out strongly at this time, because this is the end of the year, the demand for Vietnamese smartphone large, in part because iPhone X, Xr / Xs / Xs Max is falling sharply when the new iPhone is released. While the iPhone X, Xr / Xs / Xs Max is very good, including the design of performance, but you are bewildered by the use of your mobile phone is very hot, please Follow our tips below to fix that. Also to know how to set the ringtone for iPhone you follow the article at this link.

  1. Cause iPhone X, Xr / Xs / Xs Max gets hot
  • You will still be using your computer
  • Network access for many hours
  • Heavy gaming, watching movies using the net
  • Run multiple applications at the same time
  • The back of the case is too thick or metallic, making it less likely to generate heat.
  1. Guide to fix hot fix machine on iPhone X, Xr / Xs / Xs Max
  • You should not just charge the battery and use it, should not be charged immediately after using the machine, let the machine 5 minutes and then charge.
  • Do not use rechargeable plot, and battery chargers for charging iPhone X, Xr / Xs / Xs Max your
  • Do not charge the computer, because this type of charger is not the correct power source, just cause the machine is hot
  • Remove the cover before charging
  • Do not play games, watch movies on the computer continuously, let the machine have a break time or it will be very hot, and the battery life is also reduced over time.
  • Shutting down the machine will make the machine cooler and restart the machine to refresh the system.
  • Limit the use of bumpers, iPhone X, Xr / Xs / Xs Max border to better heat.
  • Use Wifi instead of 3G / 4G
  • Check if the battery is empty. If so, consider replacing it
  • If your iPhone X, Xr / Xs / Xs Max is low on usage but still hot, then Restore or upgrade to the latest version of iOS.
  • Shutdown applications running on the machine
Iphon XS gears up

With the tips above we provide will help your iPhone X, Xr / Xs / Xs Max cooler, reducing the risk of battery failure, fire and explosion in the process of using.

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