Great data recovery software for Windows

Windows 10 brings many improvements (we all know this), but data security issues still happen now and then. So a recovery tool, data recovery software for Windows 10 is a solution. Besides, you can choose to back up important files and partitions for unexpected needs.

The operating system (OS) plays an integral role in the use of computers. That is why it always catches the eye of designers and users.

Microsoft’s senior vice president of engineering , Terry Myerson , said the new operating system – Windows 10 – will change the application scenario of large screen devices, small screen devices, and even no display devices. The that’s their first step to embracing the new, more personalized computer era.

You need a   powerful  data recovery software for  Windows 10  in case there are any unexpected data loss problems. As good as Windows 10, it’s still possible to get rid of security risks, which all operating systems have to face.

Data recovery software win 10
Data Recovery Software

Today, I will give my suggestion – MiniTool Power Data Recovery . And besides this, I will provide solutions for backing up your important information in Windows in easy steps.

Download data recovery software Win 10: Here


Why you need data recovery software for Win 10

Everything about Windows 10 revolves around the user experience, vice president of Microsoft Greater China and general manager of Division Consumer Channel – Zhang Yongli said in an interview with reporters from Science and Technology Daily. After upgrading to Windows 10, users can enjoy a better operating experience and it will continue to improve.

But what if people have a problem with losing data in Windows 10? How can they solve it themselves?

Of course, you need a smart assistant to help you get out of the woods.

How to retrieve files in Windows 10 and recover data

Windows 10 is a completely different operating system compared to the previous Windows operating system, it is likely that the wrong operation will occur in the process of using the computer.

But, do not worry too much; You can retrieve your files on Windows 10 in just 3 steps.

1. Get a copy of MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Then install and run it to see its main window. You can download this tool: Here

Data recovery software

2. You should specify the partition or drive from which the data is lost. Then, click the ” Scan  ” button  in the lower right corner to detect the lost files.

Recover lost data on win 10

3. You can browse the files found during the scan or after the scan. Please check your desired data and finally, click the ” Save  ” button  to save them to a safe place to use.

Select the files to recover on the software

Also, you can refer to another way in this tutorial, as this way is not successful. View the tutorial  How to fix the problem “The Volume Does not Contain a Recognized File System” to do now!

Data Security Issue in Windows

In fact, the operating system designers have made an effort to try to protect the user’s data in every situation. It is reported that Microsoft plans to restore the system backup and restore function in Windows 10, and they decided to make it more robust and perfect, so that users can get more work operating.

In Windows 7, the Backup and Restore feature opens to any file or folder. But after the system is updated to Windows 8, users will find Microsoft has abandoned this feature replaced with a function called File Backup History.

Backup and restore functions on win
Backup and restore functions on win

However, File History has a clear limit:

In addition to files or folders such as favorites, contacts and images, system files and applications do not support backup.

Data backup solution

If you know that prevention is always superior to recovery, you’ll understand why Windows 10 designers tend to restore that functionality.

Why do not you take action now to  make a backup of important data  ? These two tools are available to you.

Backup files with Partition Wizard

Two functions are available in this tool.

The first is ”  Copy Partition  “.

  • Put all important data into one partition.
  • Open the MiniTool Partition Wizard and select this partition.
  • Click the ”  Copy Partition  ” function from the left-hand panel.
  • Then, follow the ”  Copy Partition Wizard  ” carefully.
Software backup and restore win data

The second is ” disk duplication “.

  • Launch the MiniTool Partition Wizard and select the disk containing the important files
  • Click the ”  Copy Disk  ” function from the task pane on the left.
  • Then, do the ”  Copy Disk Wizard  ” tell you to do.
Copy drive

Both of these functions are easy enough for inexperienced users. So please do not hesitate to get the Partition Wizard to back up your essential files regularly to avoid problematic data loss as much as possible.

Back up files with ShadowMaker

With MiniTool ShadowMaker, you can back up system, file and folder, disk and partition with easy steps.

  • Open MiniTool ShadowMaker to select the backup type.
  • Select the file or folder (source) you want to back up.
  • Specify the location (destination) to save the backup image file.
  • Click the ”  Backup Now  ” button to start the backup.
Back up files with ShadowMaker software

New features added to Windows

Windows 10 on the computer

At the end of June 2015, Microsoft pushed a new version of Win10 – Windows10 Build 10158 to Windows Insider users fast track. This release contains some enhancements: great stability enhancements, user interface optimizations, and new features added to the included Edge browser. Microsoft claims that no serious bugs were found in this release.

Many  new features are included in  the Edge browser   .

  • Import bookmarks from other browsers are added.
  • The autofill feature and password are included so users can also save and manage passwords for different websites.
  • Audio from the Edge browser will continue to play when the browser is minimized or running in the background. This is also a strong demand from users of the Windows Insider program.
Win 10 - Edge

Besides, there are  improvements in Cortana  .

  • As you can imagine, a dark topic is added to Cortana to be coordinated with the rest of the system.
  • The new version of Cortana can track flights and packages; When the user’s message contains flight and package information (  from supported vendors  ), these messages will be displayed in Cortana, and while Cortana will prompt the user for that. .
  • New version supports sending to multiple people at the same time. Recipients, message subject and content can be completed by voice. Users can also fix voice problems. However, this feature is currently only available in the U.S.
Improvements in Cortana

In early July 2015, Windows10 Build 10159 launched, bringing a photo party to the user. In the user login interface of this release, Microsoft uses a brand new UI design, which makes the user’s desktop wallpaper the background of the login screen.

At the same time, the user’s avatar will be displayed in the center of the login interface. At a time when users are starting Windows10, a completely new, technologically significant interface is displayed to the eye, which is a long-awaited scene.

Windows 10 in the mobile

Just like Windows 10 in the PC, Windows 10 in the mobile phone also brings many new things, including  call recording and face tracking  are two most eye-catching features. Perhaps, this will cause a stir in the mobile user.

a). Call recording feature.

After deepening, the media has found a default folder named ”  Record Record  ” in the Explorer of the mobile equipped with Win10. Documents, downloads, music, pictures, ringtones, videos and other subfolders are included here. We all know that Windows 8.1 does not allow for user’s voice recording, but clearly, Windows 10 provides this functionality in mobile phones.

In addition, the Recorder application was found to have access to the ” Recorded Calls ” folder   . This is another feature added to Microsoft Windows Mobile 10 according to user feedback.

b). Face tracking.

According to reports from the Arena phone, a new feature is found in the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 10 – a front-facing camera that provides support for face tracking.

However, since the application of Windows 10 on the computer is much broader than its application on mobile phones, we will focus on the Win10 computer used in the following content.

Windows 10 is not just a new generation of operating systems

Starting with this generation, the direction of development of the operating system will be changed from supporting single PC terminals to more flexible, natural, interactive and reliable. Applications, services, and  information  other users  can be accessed through various devices  , gain operational experience simple and seamless.

The user experience in Windows 10

  • According to the news, Microsoft’s Personal Intelligence Assistant – Cortana will launch in Windows 10 and it will support both PCs and tablets.
  • The new generation of browsers – Microsoft Edge – possess better interoperability, reliability as well as discoverability.
  • Office applications offer a touch-optimized experience on a variety of devices.
  • Users can continue to unfinished business conveniently in different devices by saving and synchronizing paused objects through OneDrive.
The user experience in Windows 10

In addition, Windows 10 will be  the world’s first three-dimensional computer platform  . Interestingly, Windows 10 can help developers create a real-world, three-dimensional experience through multiple APIs.

That is to say, it brings three-dimensional horizons into the real world. Surprisingly, it is also possible to find something that users are interested in and understand the content of the user’s voice and gesture communication.

Service comes first, then comes with technology

One of the brightest ideas in Windows 10 is  priority to the service  .

It is said that Windows 10 will reshape the relationship between consumers, developers and business users and write an important chapter for Microsoft. With the launch of the Windows Insider program beginning in September 2014, the development of Windows 10 has become Microsoft’s largest open and collaborative project. So far, Windows Insider has about 500 million subscribers and millions of responses.

Service comes first, then comes with technology

Now, Windows 10 is seen by Microsoft as a service rather than an operating system.

As a matter of fact, Windows will be  one of the largest internet services in the world  in the coming years. As with any other internet service, questions like “what  version are you using  ” are no longer needed, and this is certainly a good thing for Windows developers.

Support for devices from PCs, tablets and tablets that combine devices for mobile phones, Xbox and networked devices, Windows 10 naturally becomes the operating system with a wide  range of supported devices. most widely  .


The release and update version of Windows 10 previews attracted the attention of many users. For a very long time, Windows 10 has become a hot topic among developers, users and mass media.

Although the new things that Windows 10 brought us, but it also causes problems, resulting in data loss problems. As a result, I found the need to introduce a great data recovery software for Windows 10 to help people find files quickly and easily.

The latest version of MiniTool Power Data Recovery fully supports Windows 10.

  • If you are already a Power Restore user, you can update your software from the previous version to retrieve files in Windows 10.
  • If you have never used this software before, you can also get a trial version for the first experience, and then decide whether to buy a license for it or not.

All knowledge about information technology , you can refer to our ” Computer ” column for more useful knowledge.

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