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First to download karaoke video software you can link to the side to download from the original post broken link during the download. Just click: Make karaoke video will be delivered to the original article with 6 software to make karaoke video unique.

Karaoke Video Making Software –  Karaoke 5

Advantages:  Free, Listen and create Karaoke. The unique feature of Karaoke software is the ability to manage and edit your music in a professional and simple way that is incredible.

Key Features of Karaoke Software 5

  • Synchronization tool
  • Offers unique tone control features
  • Move the Sincronismo section, this feature is very useful after syncing music mixer
  • Provides detailed information on the synchronization process to the lower level.

Download the software:  Here

AV Video Karaoke Maker Software

Pros:  Free, create Karaoke tracks in a variety of formats, meeting all the formats on the market today.

Key Features of Karaoke Video Maker Software

  • Supports input formats for video, audio, image: AVI, MPEG, WMV, ASF, MOV, WMA, MP3, OGG, WAV, JPEG, BMP …
  • Create or open old karaoke videos for simple editing.
  • Synchronize lyrics and audio quickly.
  • Edit an easy karaoke song, edit karaoke songs synchronized in wave form with simple clicks. You can also easily edit the lyrics.
  • Preview all the projects you are using.
  • Export to WMV or AVI format to burn to disc for personal use such as donate friends, lover, relatives ….

Download software:  AV Video Karaoke Maker

KaraokeMedia Home

Karaoke  and creating karaoke tracks with rich database, editing and managing the music library are an integral part of life. If you are in need of a software to build a personalized Karaoke video, download  the KaraokeMedia Home software  to your computer.

Key Features of KaraokeMedia Home gives you the most useful toolkit for making Karaoke videos:

  • Tool to sing and create Karaoke music on computer.
  • Downloading software and installing it right on your computer, is very handy and inexpensive.
  • Supports many Karaoke formats

Another strength of the program.

  • Rich database.
  • This utility stores music stores with thousands of songs with different genres and themes.
  • Supports recording and playback of songs.
  • KaraokeMedia Home integrates recording and playback with quality output.
  • Unique sound effects.
  • Applause, booing, laughing like in a karaoke room Exporting song lists.
  • Convert formats and export them to image and text formats such as PDF, WORD, EXCEL, HTML, BMP, JPG …
  • Update data regularly.
  • Automatically update new songs to enrich the archive.
  • Easy to use.

Download software:  KaraokeMedia Home

Karaoke Sound Tools

If it comes to separating the lyrics from the song is not possible, they just make small lyrics, there are many software that can do this like:  Vocal Remover ,  Gold Wave … now with With the help of Karaoke Sound Tools, you can reduce the lyrics easily, can accept and not as difficult as other professional software.

Karaoke Sound Tools  is a simple, efficient karaoke audio editor. Karaoke Sound Tools allows you to change the tone of the song to match your voice, change the rhythm of the song for easier singing, support for MP3, WAV, BIN, and MP3 + G files. (MP3 and CDG).

Download software:  Karaoke Sound Tools

Karaoke Software

Make karaoke music  quickly with many beautiful effects, for a variety of formats.

Download  KaraokeKanta  on computer.

Kara Title Maker 2

This karaoke software introduced to you is  Kara Title Maker 2.  In terms of professionalism and ease of use, I highly appreciate this software. Since I use this software and also from the network share full version of the software, I no longer use the two software anymore.

Download Kara Title Maker 2 Full here:  DOWNLOAD

Here are 6 most professional karaoke software on the market today. Do you know any more software? Please leave comments below so that we can update and bring value to everyone!

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