Link Rename Facebook stylish name Latest Trick 2019

– Fake 1 paper cmnd identical to info in nick to rename
– Fake IP Spanish NN India HOW TO DONE B1: You access link 237 to rename  B2: It will show 3 lines of name for you Line 1: Name your name on … eg Line 2: Name your padding padding on … for example: OpticLine 3: Your last name in … eg Le Phan – Line 1 is important to you, when you fill in the name Huy, when we finish adding the sign ✔ => Example: Huy  ✔ is ok nhe Easy to say Name: Huy  ✔ Middle name: Quang Last name: Le Phan Thanh => Le Phan Quang Huy  ✔

B4: Enter the email + select sex + birth date in fb nhb 
B5: Up the ID card like info nhe you 
– google share ID card man and then fake offline 🙂 
B5: After up the ID card and send it rep mail then reply as 
you just rep you cmnd + your name vd cmnd + huy dep zai
Name in 12h nhe you! 
Account has 6 hours, account is 1 day to 2 days .. depending on the ID: v 
Certificate is by ID card you: v 
<3 Success Rate 85% <3 Link now show you need (skip ad advocate offline nhé)

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