Hi Guyz  I Am Muhammad Husnain Owner Of The Blog Myviralhax.com today I  would like To Share A New Vip Bot Like and comment Script onlybot.top Orignal script
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Demo Index
Demo Comment


  •  config.php
  • index.php
The file should be Cronjob
  • cron.php
  • Ramadhan.php
  • LikeOnly_NewbieTamvan.php
  • ResponLike_NewbieTamvan.php
  • ResponseStatusSendiri_NewbieTamvan.php
  • ResponseStatusTeman_NewbieTamvan.php
Cronjob  10 minutes Facebook facebook safe is not locked by the facebook.
use my cronjob site  Fastcron.xyz
Downlaod Script Click Here


  1. husnain bhayya😂 yrr ye btade ye cron kaise set karu alag alag types ke bot ki means kis folder yt a file ka naam likhu cron me or cron me apna naam kaise likhe


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