Tutorial: Create Facebook Live Streaming Video


How to create Live Stream Video on Facebook directly using your computer. Creating a live video on Facebook with just a few simple steps. Facebook Live Streaming Video by myviralhax

Streaming Live Streaming Software (PC / Laptop)

If you want to Live Streaming on your computer then you will need to install one of the following encoder software:

  • Open Broadcaster(recommended) – this is freesoftware , open source and recommended by Youtube.
  • Wirecast – created by the company behind Telegram.
  • XSplit – There are two versions, Broadcaster and Gamercaster (for gamers).

The installation of the software is quite simple, I will not guide in the article. 

Note: In this tutorial I use Open Broadcaster !

Live Stream for your personal Facebook account

First, you visit the website Create Live Streaming Video on Facebook . 

Note: Turn off all ad blockers / add-ons (such as AdBlock, uBlock, or Ghostery). Since these gadgets block both Social plugins (including Facebook), the Facebook SDK can not load. This site does not insert any ads so you rest assured. 

Next, press the button Create Live Video:


A popup window for Facebook will appear, choose where you want to post the video: personal page, group or on fan-page. Then click Next.


Another popup will pop up, please copy the Stream Key:


Note: You can also click the button  Copy next to the Stream Key in our website:


Next, open Open Broadcaster> click on the Settingsbottom right corner:


Settings window opens, click on Stream> at server, select Facebook Live> paste Stream Key you copied> click OKto save settings:


After we finish the setup, we create the scene to stream. Click the button +in the bottom left corner of Scene> a dialog box, enter the name of the scene you like (Desktop, Browser, CrossFire, …)


Then, we need to select the source for the scene. Click the button +in the Sources box> a small menu pop up:

  • If you shot the entire computer screen: choose Display Capture
  • If you just shot a window (like a browser, for example): choose Window Capture
  • If you shoot the game: choose Game Capture
  • If you return to the webcam: select Video Capture Device
  • … (There are also other options but less use than the above options, you explore yourself)

Click Start Streaming to start, when the Start button becomes a Stop button, it means that Facebook has started receiving data from the Encoder software:

You move through the Popup of Facebook, wait about 5-10 seconds will see the offline frame converted to Preview. The Go Live button will now appear. Please fill in the necessary information such as video title, status and click Go Live to start Streaming!

To end the Live Streaming, click Stop Streaming:

NOTE: Stream Key is only available ONE time, you need to go to Settings to change the new Key in the next Live Streaming!

Live Streaming for Fan-page Facebook

You visit the Fan-page, then click the Publishing Tools> Videos menu> click button + Live
A new panel will appear, you copy the Stream Key and follow the steps similar to what I guided in the previous section.

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