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Each year, the global economy damages about $ 445 billion due to cybercrime. In that context, the role of white hat hackersbecomes more important than ever. 

They are all excellent hackers despite having different starting points. Some are hackers “black hat” switch to. Some hackers are ‘white hats’ from the beginning.


Although there are different past but now, they all have one thing in common: Business security and make money from their own talents.

Marc Maiffret

Like many other hackers, Marc Maiffret reveals the tactics of teenagers. At the age of 17, Marc Maiffret was noticed by the FBI after many hacking into the government computer system. FBI severely warned and confiscated the computer but the hacker still refused to give up his habit. 

However, instead of acting illegally as before, Marc Maiffret tried to find a job and become an independent security researcher. Years later, Marc Maiffret became a well-known security consultant. 

Earning a decent job from the right hand, Marc Maiffret enough to support his family and that has helped him change lives forever.


Marc Maiffret is so well known that he has been invited three times before the US Congress in the hearings on cybersecurity. He is co-founder of the well-known eEye Digital Security software security firm, and has found many serious flaws in Microsoft products.

Kevin “Condor” Mitnick

The man named “Condor” is the most famous hacker in the world. Mitnick’s black box made him suffer from eye injuries by the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC). They called him “the most wanted criminal computer crime”. Mitnick was arrested in 1995 after two years of hiding his wanted. This hacker was sentenced to 5 years in prison. 

Out of jail, Mitnick still uses his excellent computer skills but for the sake of honesty. He switched to “white hat hacker” as a senior security consultant.


Mitnick’s clients are the largest companies in the world. It is your responsibility to find out if these systems have security flaws. 

Mitnick is also the author of the best-selling books in the world, as well as the famous speaker of security forums. Mitnick’s position is ” social engineering, ” a technique that exploits the weaknesses of a human-based system.

Tsutomu Shimomura

In contrast to the two hackers, Shimomura was originally a “white hat” hacker. It was he who helped the FBI hit and arrested Mitnick when the hacker broke into his computer. 

Shimomura is the son of Osamu Shimomura, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2008. Shimomura graduated from the California Institute of Technology, becoming a computer scientist and researcher.


In addition to the CEO of Neofocal Systems, a startup company specializing in LED technology, Shimomura is also a white-hat hacker working for the National Security Agency (NSA). 

He also stood before the US Congress hearing on issues related to mobile phone security.

Dr. Charlie Miller

Miller is a government hacker who has worked for the National Security Agency for five years. With a bachelor’s degree and a PhD in physics, Miller has an extremely solid technical background with many of the top hacking skills that have helped him win the Pwn20wn four-time security contest.


Well known for its ability to exploit vulnerabilities in Apple products, Miller was the first to successfully hack the iPhone and MacBook Air in just 2 minutes, and successfully penetrated the iPhone with just one SMS. 

After breaking into the Jeep, the manufacturer had to recover 1.4 million vehicles worldwide to protect the driver from the risk of hacker attacks, Miller was invited Uber senior engineer.

Dan “Effugas” Kaminsky

Famed in 2008, thanks to a DNS domain name system design flaw that allowed an attacker to navigate from one web page to another within seconds, Kaminsky convinced many experts to focus. Trying to fix this problem. 

However, the popularity of Kaminsky has led some hackers to “itchy eyes.” One year after the DNS-related shakeout, Kaminsky became a hacker victim.


Kaminsky’s personal and server data was publicized in the “Zero for Owned” magazine just before the Black Hat security conference to smear his image. 

However, this incident did not affect Kaminsky. He founded Recursion Ventures and then White Ops as a scientist.

Robert “Rsnake” Hansen

Hansen is known for two unique techniques: “Fierce” – used to simplify attacks by DNS, and “Slowloris” – used by Iranian hackers to attack the government website in the general election. .


Along with Jeremiah Grossman, Hansen created the term “Clickjacking,” a form of technique that conceals any button on a website. 

Recently, the hacker nicknamed “Rsnake” has been busy with security forums around the world. He is also CEO of SecTheory, vice president of WhiteHat Labs and is writing many books on security topics.

Greg Hoglund

This hacker specializes in rootkits, a type of malicious code running underneath which is very difficult to detect. Hoglund discovered many of the loophole in the game World of Warcraft and put it into his book, “Exploiting Online Games,” published by Gary McGraw himself. 

In 2003, Hoglund founded HBGary, which has done a lot of secret work with the US government.


In 2011, hackers related to the Anonymous organization attacked the HBGary website and revealed that the company had made a series of attacks on Wikileaks under the name of the Bank of America (BoA). Previously, Wikileaks threatened to publish BoA’s internal documents. 

A year later, HBGary was sold to defense contractor ManTech. With money, Hoglund continues to set up Outlier Security.

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