Install the J2TeaM Securityextension for your browser to protect you from malicious code sending messages, automatically tagging your Facebook friends .

About Facebook Protector

Last year I wrote Facebook Protector and was fortunate enough to be supported by many people as well as many of the tech news pages.


Unfortunately, Facebook Protector has the potential to be copyrighted for using the term “Facebook” in its name (even though it is non-commercial). I have previously encountered a complaint from Yahoo for the Yahoo Emoticons for Facebook extension 

I will stop using Facebook Protector to focus on a whole new product: J2TeaM Security .

Successful Facebook Protector

J2TeaM Security inherits the main feature of Facebook Protectorthat is protecting Facebook users from phishing , scam and malware sites .


Watch a demo video of the ability to block malicious websites:  https://www.facebook.com/JunoOkyoBlog/videos/1353384354686795/


When you visit a malicious site, it will be blocked as shown below (interface based on Safe Browsing warning page):


Options page of the extension:

You can edit the option by clicking on the icon in the browser.

You can also report fraudulent phishing sites to Google from the context menu.

Install J2TeaM Security

You can install this extension directly from the Chrome Store . Support me by rating 5 stars on the Chrome Store after installation! Thank you!


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