J2TEAM Cookies – Sharing accounts without fear of revealing passwords

j2team-cookies-chrome-extensionJ2TEAM Cookies
 is a code-share extension for you to use on the Chrome Store is always available for everyone to use. It allows you to share your online account with others without revealing your password. 

For the purpose above, surely in your mind you are thinking of another popular extension is Access URL right? So the question now is …

Why not use an Access URL?

– Since I do not want my cookies stored on a server like Access URL. J2TEAM Cookies performs a cookie export to a file and allows you to encrypt password protected ( AES ) encryption . Only those who know the password can import and use cookies shared by you. 

How to use J2TEAM Cookies is quite simple and similar to Access URL, you just click on the icon of the extension on the browser and hit Export . The browser will download a file containing cookies (encrypted if you enter the password before exporting). 

Now just share this file with the people you want and they can import cookies into your browser to use your account.Do not know your password . It’s simple right!?

Is there any extension to export cookies?

– But I have not found anything that allows encryption, set password to protect cookies when exporting.

To USe J2team Cookie :  Click Here

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