Friday, 13 April 2018

Ghost Windows 7 Ultimate 2018 - No Soft & Full Driver, Easy Install Skylake & Kabylake

  • Made from the original Windows 7 Ultimate from IE 11
  • Ghost has been optimized, refined, service ... to achieve the highest performance
  • Easy sysperp 4.3 combines with Wandrv 6.6 to get the most complete driver
  • With Wandrv 6.6, drivers will be fully installed and installed on skylake, kabylake.
  • Ghost only install WinRar, do not install any other software.
  • Do not personalize any components of Windows
x86 - 3.73 Gb
x64 - 5.23 Gb
UEFI - 5.07 Gb
x86 - 49A85C71 - 6EF049EC - CB8D2018 - 8761EE4D
x64 - AFF8730E - 5E890D14 - CAA75A4E - 7EF2392D
UEFI - 5A3419A4 - 2B6E01AB - C4AB7A28 - 2B12E7C6

* Attention:
  • Please check md5 carefully before installation to ensure the installation process is the best.
  • If you encounter any error in the process of taking photos, clip post here for people to help or contact your facebook to support the fastest.
  • Ghost has shut down Windows Update to avoid ghost status is complete update caused the status of full CPU
  • In the process of using you should regularly clean up garbage, defragmentation, and do not let the software follow the software themselves installed to windows operating with the highest performance.
  • I wish you successful installation & good use!