Teamviewer is an indispensable supporter for every supporter. And the remote access to other machines reaches a certain limit you will receive a warning from the server that we are used to call the “5 minute limit”.
The price of Teamviewer is not a medium, the poor support free but also have to buy several tens of millions of license will not dare to swing :).Of course every time a new version of the network is rampant cracking the type, but it’s just a cover, the fact that despite Enterprise or Corporate still go to fix it. 

If you have page tracking then I have a share article Teamviewer 12 Reset ID, although its license is free but integrated host so you can change ID at any time without fear of blockage or 5 minutes, the way to do it is very simple. And in this article will continue for version 13 

Tips: You should actively install the highest version of Teamviewer to remote version of the lower case to avoid higher installation partners you will not remote.

Installation instructions: After downloading the file you proceed to extract and run the file Install.cmd


The process will take place automatically until complete. Once you have finished, go to Start and open up Teamviewer


To change the other ID you still have to go to Start and select as shown below


Immediately your ID will be changed


Everything is safe and easy even if you do not know anything about computers. 

Finally the download link, the latest version is always updated here.



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