Hello, today I found a silly error that is not creating a new folder on Windows 10. After a long search and reconsidered, I found a way to handle, I decided to write a direction. Detailed instructions how to overcome the error can not create a new folder in Windows 10 (Unable to Create New Folder in Windows Desktop 10) to miss you or later forget to have encountered the same time.
Step 1:   Open the  Registry Editor  , you can open it by looking for  REGEDIT   in win search engine or quick opening with Windows + R shortcut  , then type REGEDIT and   press Enter.


Step 2:  Open the directory as the following path to continue: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT Directory Background shellex ContextMenuHandlers New Step 3:  Find out if there is a New folder   , otherwise create by right- > New -> Key, name it  New  . Step 4:  Once created, the next step is to add this code to the  Data  of the newly created key  {D969A300-E7FF-11d0-A93B-00A0C90F2719} 



Ok then Ok and turn it off. View Results Go !!!

If you do not want such a secret then you download the .reg  file  on each operating system is running offline


Fix New Folder Is Missing From Right Click Win 10: Fshare


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