Sunday, 3 December 2017

{Hot} (updated) facebook cookie reaction bot script 2018

First of all I would like to say: 
Sincerely thank you Vu Duy Luc - Kunkey - KunKey.Com has written and shared this great code. 

The code is based on the style of, which has been modified from the bug bot code to the sub buff code.

/ ** 
Scattered through the code: 
- This code works in the penny mode of each user. 
- Each user who logs into the site will receive a certain amount of Xu and Sub limit set by admin. 
- Each time a user buffs sub, the number of Xu received will be deducted by the admin set. 
- After using Xu in the account, it is required User must load more Xu to use next. 
** /
+ Interface: 

- The code uses a dark brown interface, friendly to the eyes of the user. 
- Column and row layout, easy to understand. 
- With your big Css library, Boostrap will make you happy. 
- Reponse to mobile, tablet, pc, etc. 
- The code is mostly using AJAX + Jquery technology that makes sending and receiving data from the server easy and fast, while with Ajax you will almost certainly not need to reload the page.

+ About Functions 
- The code has many new and useful functions that will help management and auto, buff sub becomes easier. 
- Panel Admin: If you are an admin, this panel will help you manage the site most easily include the following actions: Edit the user's sub-limit, Edit User, Edit Vip Sub, etc. 
- System minus Xu: Automatically deduct Xu when User buff sub. 
- Recharge system: Integrated coinage for users to use all the coins in the account, using Napngay card bricks server. Com. 
- CaptCha: Captcha code images will help them code to prevent problems users use Curl technique to auto, buff. 
- System Import User: Import a large amount of User to Databases 
- And many other functions. 
HDSD: you upload the code -> up to host -> incfiles / config.php edit the database configuration is appropriate. 
Code has a spawn brother self that was deleted: v