EverWing Game Hacking Guide 2018

EverWing Game Hacking Guide

EverWing is a very hot game on Facebook right now, many of you wonder how much gold, trophies or full lever you have to do?
Today, z0mbie.win will guide you hack EverWing game  . It is also quite simple for you. You just pay attention to follow your instructions can do: D

First, go to the EverWing game  and press F12 (Ctrl + Shift + I) or right-click to select it 

 You do the numerical manipulation in the figure and switch the Console tab to hack 
You insert the code, press Enter and exit is complete, simple.
Code hack full trophies here
Code  hack full gold here
Code  hack full lever here
Code  hack full character here
Code boss  here

~~~ Wish you success ~~~

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