Block Right mouse click and CTRL U and F12 view source code on website, blogger, blogspot

Right click or ctrl u and f12 on website, blogger, blogspot

 Hello everyone who probably do website or blogger do not want someone to steal or coppy something from their website, today I would share a code against other people right click or  Viewsourse Ctrl U or F12.

Note:  This code will disable the effect of the Ctrl key, which means that the key combinations using the ctrl key will be disabled ( Copy :  Ctrl + C;  Viewsourse : Ctrl + U;  Save :  Ctrl + S). 
Also, you can not move pages with the up and down arrow keys.
How to:  Log in to Blogger ~> Template ~> Edit HTML

1. Left mouse button code

Insert before tag </ head>

2. Right mouse button code Insert before tag </ head>

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