How to make comment private on facebook

The new option allows you to customize your comment viewer. From here you can comfortably comment posts of your friends or anywhere on Facebook without fear of strange objects to notice.
According to  The Next Web , Facebook is conducting applied security settings privacy for comment (comment) by the user, ie you can comment on an article, but only those accounts are accepted in to see them .
Click on the padlock icon above and you can set the security of your comment, essentially a viewable audience object that includes: friends and posters; friend; posters and commentators; and everyone.


This new feature is quite interesting because you can safely express your opinion in a certain article without fear of “young buffalo” in the comment if it is posted publicly. By refining the viewer into a friend, the likelihood of being “stoned” will be lower, it will also help keep the information confidential if the comment is sensitive.


This new feature only applies to a small group of users to get feedback. This has become the norm before being officially applied by Facebook.
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