How To Change Fonts In Blogspot Standard

Hi everybody !! I do not write blog for quite a lot of work to do not care for the blog very much, now is 9h30p is quite late and then I am free with a part of today is the weekend to write a player Small art to help people create or beautify your blogspot. 
Surely most people when downloaded or shared template to use it is very nice but nice interface templates are extremely fine fonts that are bad distortion fonts are very difficult to even fonts error out of the box, or not satisfied type of fonts so? How to replace fonts here?

How to change font in blogspot

z0mbie blog will share the simplest way to edit fonts in your blogspot .

How to  replace font in blogspot:

To fix fonts the fastest way you can use Google Chrome or Firefox browser and use the Developer Tools (press F12 key or right mouse button to check the element ).
You right click on the text to edit the fonts -> Test element . (For example, I will edit on my blog.)
Your browser will display a frame below your browser:
For example, I want to adjust the font of the text ads on my blog is always:
You notice, after clicking on the element check, will appear in the frame on a paragraph as follows:
Looking to the right will see a small code like this:
This is the need to change (if looking to see this paragraph, you drag it down to find the font-family: home )
As shown above, your fonts are now Robots fonts and the text will be:
Now I will go through fonts Times to see what changes (to change the fonts you click on the fonts you want to change)
Now is the result:
Have you seen the difference?


But note:  this is just a visual editing on your browser, your template has not changed anything, now you just press f5 is your blogs will return to the original without chipping. what So what time is the work? Are not ! Now comes the important step.



You keep the same, pay attention to your section red slightly coppy above it as shown below):
You coppy again to the blogspot advertising -> Themes -> Edit Html -> press Ctrl + F
Then it will display a search box in the edit html corner, paste the previous copy and press Enter. You look to the css as shown below.
You notice the red font with the  font-family: “Roboto”, sans-serif; Just like stepping on the right.
Now edit the font you want.
Do not forget to save your template and then blog and enjoy it.
Very complicated right? Are you feeling depressed or excited If you feel excited, then thank the landmine and click on the ads to support yourself (note 1 click shutdown) and if you feeldepressed , also underneath you will support you.
Good luck !!
Coppy remember ths source !!

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