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Guide daily register Unlimited Email the latest.


There are times when you may need a lot of emails to sign up for large numbers of social networking sites but you have trouble signing up. For example, signing up for multiple gmail accounts requires a valid, costly phone number that manages the password for each email.

Blur Mail

What is Blur Mail?

Unlike virtual mail creation sites such as mail10p, temp mail,  Blur Mail is an email client program that allows you to use and manage multiple email accounts simultaneously to create a new experience and a modern interface. Blur Mail  supports Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, AOL, Google Apps, Hotmail, Outlook, iCloud,, Zoho, GMX and any other IMAP, Exchange, POP3 mailboxes!

Advantages of this system

  • Create email quickly, less than 5 seconds, no frills like other mail.
  • Can re-old mail or view new mail at any time (unlike virtual mail, mail 10p)
  • Use only 1 gmail to manage
  • The system automatically filled in information when you registered your account on any social network including Facebook.

Link Download Utilities:  Here

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