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 Are u too bored with the Facebook interface ? Compared to other social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Facebook is seen as obsolete with Facebook Flat as the rain that brings a new breath of experience surfing Facebook with a completely new flat design interface. strange and delicate. Installation is not difficult, most people do in a short time. Let me discover what it has outstanding advantages that make so many people enjoy it.

monotonous, then advertising flooded. Previously, shared a number of ways to change the look, but those extensions did not seem to disappear on the store. Recently, the utility

Facebook is the biggest social network today is undeniable. You can do all kinds of things like learning, entertainment, work and especially Bear. But still it does not change the interface looks nice, white and pale, the layout is still the same, the message board is difficult to see, then column advertising, suggesting friends play the game, it is troublesome. 
The first highlight is the main color blue and white, so far I like this type. The left column is not as messy as before, but instead displays more personal details such as newsfeeds, friends, messages, photos, videos, pages, groups, applications. Simply put, it is very easy to see and manipulate, not flooded with dry lines like before.
The layout of the home page has been optimized, greatly improved. When you use it you will feel more like a personal blog than social networking. Show better content by scrolling through the post and removing the usual ad columns.

When you scroll down to the bottom, just press the Go Up button in the left column to go to the top without dragging. 
One of the problems that people are concerned about is the Facebook font, it seems hard and not very affectionate. With this new Facebook Flat interface, you will experience a richly curved font, really like the eye, without the hassle of reading long shared content.

Facebook flat flat interface design guide

Applies to Google Chrome browser, the Coconut has not tried it yet, but you can try it.

  • Address Facebook Flat Interface Here
  • Bonus: Change your Facebook Font Here

Go to the store page, then click Add to Chrome and wait a few seconds for it to proceed with the installation. 
Return to Facebook to check the results. 
To switch back to the new and default Facebook interface, just press the top left corner, next to the Facebook icon. 
If successful, share this article with friends to share the joy, great experience when using Facebook offline.

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