Add Custom Domain + SSL to Blogger (0.00$)

Everyone wants a unique domain for their website, but not all of us are rich to buy one. Today, I’ll post about adding a custom domain to Blogger + SSL (https domain). This method will increase your indexing speed in SERP, your page speed, and also will secure your page.

Purchase Free Domain Name From Freenom

Firstly, go to, which is a domain name service provider, where you can find free domains with free .cf, .ga, .ml, .tk, .gq endings. Example:

Buy Free Domain From Freenom

Then select the domain that you want to purchase, and click Checkout 
Select the period that you want. (12 Months @ Free) and click Continue.

Choose the period of your domain name

After that, a Shopping Cart page will be shown. Complete your details and click Complete Order.

Add Custom Domain To Blogger

First, go to >> Settings >> Basic >> Publishing . And then click on + Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog. 

Add the domain name that you purchased. Example: (never forget to add “www.”). and click Save. You will be shown a view like this:



Go to: My Domains in Freenom and click Manage Domain on the domain that we purchased.

To add fields, click on More Records, and more fields will be added. Always use CNAMEtype.


In the picture, you also see some IPs. I use them to redirect non-www. site to www. site.
Now once you have setup CNAME and A record, you need to wait for 5 minutes to 4 hours for this changes to reflect globally. You need to go back to your Blogspot dashboard and click on save changes.
If the CNAME & A record has been updated globally, this time instead of showing error “We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12.“, your custom domain will start working. In my case, it took only 5 minutes.
If you see an error that means, you need to wait for some more hours to add the custom domain name. So, here is the final screenshot which I see:

Add Blogger Site To CloudFlare

First, we need to sign up in Cloudflare, you can Sign Up from here: Sign Up. After you’ve signed up. Go to Add Site. And add domain name just like in the picture:

Click on Continue Setup. Click again on Continue. Select Free Website Plan on the given price table and click on Continue.


Then, the page below will be shown. Copy the nameservers and paste them in Freenom Nameservers.


Go to: Freenom >> Management Tools >> Nameservers. Change the nameservers to the ones given in CloudFlare, and click Change Nameservers. Just like this:
Now Click Continue on the CloudFlare page. And click on Recheck Nameservers.
And now, we have just to wait for nameservers to be updated.

Add SSL (HTTPS) to Blogger

Go to Crypto section and change the options to the ones given below:

  • SSL – Flexible
  • Always use HTTPS – On
  • Automatic HTTPS Rewrites – On

Create a Page Rule

Go to Page Rules Section and add a new page rule, just like in the picture below, and ofcourse, using your domain name


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