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hi ! friends i have an awesome facebook scripts  and i want    to share it with my blog reader;
If the code is emotional bot is quite familiar. My blog also shared much about this type of code. But why do you still share? This is because CTV features make me excited and share.

Information Code:

– Still like some other bots to use cookies to login
– Automatically delete id when expired
– Customizable Panel Admin
– Integrated recaptcha
– Simple style, simple, fast loading
– CTV feature: CTV will visit the web site to nick nick and then recharge will set the nick needs to bot visitors.
Everything is automatic, you do not need to do anything. Just wait for enough money to pay and take out :)))
– Integrated charge card through the metal


Some review photos of this code:

for free 30 seconds cron job site visit

User Manual Code:

  • Config in / incf / config
  • Run domain / setup.php to upload data
  • Cron file in /cron/cron.php
  • Set up the first account as admin. Also you can set nick admin in phpmyadmin
  • Enable the catapyst at /apiadmin.php. Currently catpcha index.php to proceed to edit
  • Edit the file loaded at napthe / napthe.php
  • The rest you edit yourself
link DownLoad:

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