Share auto bot facebook Curl Like scripts New Online 2017

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Hello friends! 
On the occasion of this blog myviralhax new rip theme is also new to share with you like live virtual …

This code is new


All the operations are almost automatic so you can use it as business facebook!

  • Added features to save the live tokens to the database to login to the site curl series (number like and the speed of the altar
  • Install cron for each id when set up at home (you do not have to install cron anymore)
  • Due to the cid caid for each id, the number of like is correct and complete
  • Set numbers like max for each id in the panel

how to install


In just a few easy steps you can install your own code, I optimized most of the code and configuration cumbersome so that the fastest and easiest way to use for you. already!
  • b1: open the config.php file
  • b2: edit the value of $ dm to your domain name (without the / sign at the bottom!)
  • b3: edit the values ​​of the database information in the code below

How to use


You just have to follow the steps below to be able to use this code already

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